Lifeguarding & Birthday Parties!

Hire Lifeguards for Your Backyard Pool Party!

Our certified lifeguards can come to your summer party and be that dedicated set of eyes on the pool to ensure that everyone is swimming safely for the whole party! 

We know that parents will be busy chatting and catching up with other party attendees so let us keep an eye on the children.

We can lifeguard pool parties of up to 30 swimmers!  

You can’t put a price on peace of mind and safety!

1 – 15 swimmers  (1 lifeguard): $65 / hour

16 – 30 swimmers  (2 lifeguards): $110 / hour

Book a Pool Party for Your Child's Birthday!

When you book our Birthday Pool Party lifeguarding package we will send two of our lifeguards to your child’s party.

One lifeguard will ensure that all swimmers remain safe while in the pool.  The other lifeguard will ensure that all the children at the party have an amazing time!

Let us know what ages of children will be attending and our staff will run games that will have all swimmers splashing and smiling!

Pool Birthday Parties can accommodate up to 15 swimmers.

1.5 Hour Birthday Pool Party

2 Hour Birthday Pool Party

Parties are always hectic – lots going on and as the party host, you will have numerous other tasks to take care of.  By hiring one of our lifeguards, you can have the piece of mind knowing that all the swimmers are having fun safely.

Even if there are other parents near the pool, nothing can replace having a dedicated set of eyes on the pool.  When there are lots of parents around, everyone thinks that someone else is watching their child.  Our lifeguards have had to jump in a rescue a child that was right beside the parent in the pool.  On example of this would be when a parent was chatting with another parent sitting on a deck chair.  The parent in the water didn’t notice that their child had slipped into the deep-end.  Our lifeguard had to jump in and pull the child to safety as the child was already submerged seconds after slipping down the slope towards the deep-end.

– No running around the pool
– No pushing in or around the pool
– No standing on any pool floats or toys
– Only one person on the diving board at a time

In addition to the above rules, please note that our lifeguards will have the sole discretion to decide what entries are allowed into the pool as it will depend on the size and depth of your pool (as well as the number of swimmers in the pool).  At no time will flips of any type be allowed.  Dives and other jumps into the deep end will be up to your lifeguard’s discretion.

Non-swimmers and swimmers who cannot pass the swim test must remain in the shallow end.  Our lifeguards reserve the right to request a child to wear a flotation device if they feel like the child would be in danger by not wearing one.  

Your lifeguard will chat with you when they arrive at your house and can discuss if there are any additional rules you would like enforced.

You must provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel or reschedule your party.  If we receive this notice, you will be allowed to reschedule the party to another date during the summer at no cost.  If you do not want to reschedule the party, you will be refunded the cost of the party minus our $25 administration fee.

If the weather is poor the day of your party, we will not be able to provide a refund or a time/date change if the mandatory 24 hours notice is not given.

When we send lifeguards to your pool, they will only be responsible for ensuring that all swimmers follow the rules.  Watching the pool is a full-time job so if you only purchase our lifeguarding service, your lifeguard will not be able to run any games during the party.

If you book our Pool Birthday Party service, we will send two lifeguards to your party.  One lifeguard will focus on ensuring that all swimmers are following the rules while the other lifeguard facilitates games to keep all the swimmers happy.  We don’t want anyone to be left out of the fun!